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Tasha in the Press

Just wanted to take this opportunity to share this lovely advert of Tasha that appeared in the September/October 2010 issue of  Basenji Bi-Monthly, the official publication of the Basenji Club of Victoria.

Tasha's Sep/Oct 2010 Basenji Bi-monthly Advert

Tasha's Sep/Oct 2010 Basenji Bi-monthly Advert

Thanks to Tasha’s owner Annika Kass (Ashiki Basenjis) for allowing me to use this lovely photo of Tasha, and thanks to Adam Druce (Tambuzi Basenjis) for the fantastic advert design.

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Karen Hyland (along with her husband David) are the owners of Mzalia Basenjis, located in Two Wells, about 40km north of Adelaide. In addition to her basenjis, Karen's interests include attending live comedy performances and motor racing events. In 2008 Karen also become a racehorse owner for the first time.


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