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All of the latest from Mzalia…

They’re official!

We just received the registration papers back for our puppies, and are delighted to confirm our puppies will be known in the show ring as

Tina and Jack’s Puppies:

The girls…

  • Mzalia Playing Hard To Get
  • Mzalia Playing The Part
  • Mzalia Playing Tricks

The boys…

  • Mzalia Playing The Joker
  • Mzalia Playing The Field
  • Mzalia Playing The Odds

Magenta and Cheeky’s boys:

  • Mzalia Boy From Oz
  • Mzalia Boy From The Bush
  • Mzalia Boy Named Sioux
  • Mzalia Boy Oh Boy

About The Author

Karen Hyland (along with her husband David) are the owners of Mzalia Basenjis, located in Two Wells, about 40km north of Adelaide. In addition to her basenjis, Karen's interests include attending live comedy performances and motor racing events. In 2008 Karen also become a racehorse owner for the first time.


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