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Meeting Keke!

| July 31, 2008

Finally I have been able to meet my handsome Keke! After so long, it was hard to believe that he was actually here and that I could actually touch and hold him. He is such a sweet boy, and has coped with all of the changes he has gone through in his stride. It was [...]

Welcome Keke!

| July 30, 2008

It’s been soooo hard to keep this a secret for so long, but the news is now out! After many months of planning, we are thrilled to announce our first ever import has arrived safely in Australia! Vanguardian Real McCoy (aka “Keke”) has come to us from my dear friend Anni Toikka in Finland. We [...]

Tyler becomes our latest Australian Champion!

| July 19, 2008

We have just received some fantastic news from Queensland. At today’s show Tyler (aka Mzalia Making Waves) went Best of Breed and in doing so, earned the last of the points he required to become an Australian Champion! Tyler is the 15th Australian Champion that we have bred, is the first Champion for his father [...]

Congratulations Chrissy & Tyler!

| July 13, 2008

Big congratulations to Chrissy Petersen and Tyler (aka Mzalia Making Waves) for a fantastic weekend of show results at the Atherton Tableland Kennel Club. On Saturday, Tyler was Best of Breed and Junior in Show and on Sunday, he was Best of Breed and Junior in Group. The judges were Mrs S Walker and Mrs [...]

They’re official!

| July 11, 2008

We just received the registration papers back for our puppies, and are delighted to confirm our puppies will be known in the show ring as Tina and Jack’s Puppies: The girls… Mzalia Playing Hard To Get Mzalia Playing The Part Mzalia Playing Tricks The boys… Mzalia Playing The Joker Mzalia Playing The Field Mzalia Playing [...]

Tasha flies the flag in Sweden

| July 7, 2008

I have just received some exciting news from the World Dog Show that was held in Sweden last weekend. Annika Kass travelled over to the show with our gorgeous girl Tasha (aka Mzalia Making Headlines ~ Exp Norway), to become the first Mzalia to compete at the World Dog Show (so Tasha truly is living [...]

Their world expands…

| July 6, 2008

Today, the pups known universe expanded again, as they made their first venture out into the rest of the house. As much as we would love to allow them outside for a little play, it is just too cold for such young pups at the moment, so for now the kitchen and the rest of [...]

Happy Birthday Zayla!

| July 3, 2008

We would like to wish a happy 6th birthday to our sweet girl Zayla (aka Aust Ch Wazazi Tailord By Virtue). Whilst she was never a keen show dog, she has produced two litters of lovely pups for us, that are not only successful show ring competitors, but much loved companions as well.

Two tribes come together

| July 1, 2008

It was such a delight tonight to see Tina’s and Magenta’s puppies come together for the very first time. They had such fun running around and playing with each other! And then like all puppies do, after their game, they snuggled up together and fell asleep. Gee, the whelping box looks full now!